How to use your Hotels Etc. membership card

Need proof that Hotels Etc. works?

Hotels Etc. is a travel membership club that supplies various discounts to members of our program. Our program is very simple to use and requires very little effort to receive a discount.

We have posted some dos and don'ts below to help you on your journey of savings. Please follow the instructions that are located in the member's area to receive discounts.

What Not To Do

  • Do not pick up your phone book and start calling businesses and asking them if they accept Hotels Etc. This does not work and will only frustrate you!
  • Do not expect us to have every business on the globe part of our program. We are focused on quality over quantity, although we add new discounts daily
  • Do not call Hotels Etc. and ask us to search our database for you. We are a self-service portal. Business owners submit their information, if accepted we list it in our member's area for you to access. Most of the time our staff is not even aware of all the discounts that we have available because they come in so often!

What To Do

  • You must register your membership card to access the discounts
  • Log into the members area
  • Search our online booking engines and book your reservation.
  • If you are visiting for the first time, watch our instructional video - each category offers a short instructional video on how to save money for the rest of your life!
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully. Some companies may require a promo code, discount code or a coupon. Some companies may simply need to see your HE membership card.

Why do we get such great discounts?

The reason our travel suppliers give special discounts to Hotels Etc. members is simple: If they do not sell tonight's room tonight, they can never sell tonight's room tomorrow. They would rather sell their empty rooms at a discount to Hotels Etc. members, than receive no revenue at all. The same goes for all the other discounts available to Hotels Etc. members.

Can you show me how the discounts work?

Yes. A hotel owner has 100 rooms that rent at an average of $100 per night. Let's say 90% of the year their hotel is 30% vacant, which equals 30 empty rooms per night. If each room cost $100 each, then they are losing nearly 3 million dollars per year. They research ways in which to fill those empty rooms without advertising to the public. They discover Hotels Etc., where they are happy to be added to the Hotels Etc. discount program and are able to fill those rooms at a discounted cost. (What would you do if you were the hotel owner and needed to rent your empty rooms?)

Here is how you save with Hotels Etc.

Based on a room night of $120:

Two night cost without membership $240

Two night cost with membership $120

You saved $120 on your first two night stay!

One week, cost without membership $840

One week, cost with membership $420.00

Hotels Etc. saved you $420.00 on the first week!