Potential Distributor FAQs

How do I order larger quantities of cards?

Contact us for custom orders.

So let me understand this; basicly I will be purchasing these cards up front and that I can resell them--correct?

Yes, You will purchase cards from us at wholesale and resell them.

is there any othe way to become distributor than the investment amounts?

At this time we do not have any other way to become a distributor other than pre buying your materials. Keep in mind, Hotels Etc. sends you the actual product when you sign up as a Independent business owner. Please click on the link below for more info. http://hotelsetc.com/go

Does the 495$ for the beginners sign up have to be paid up front?

Yes, at this time we do not offer in house financing.

what if I do not have all the money to buy , can you work a payment plan?

We use to have a payment plan, but we do not have one right now.

Can I set my own retail price for each card?

Yes, you can set your own retail price, but it must be equal or greater than the corporate office price. This is how we keep the value of our program.

I see in the book that I can get the package for $1 down. But everytime I click on paypal it wants to charge me the full amt. Can someone please help me, this is the 2nd time I have sent this request. I need a pacakage and have it sent priority as i have a function this coming weekend

I am sorry, but Hotels Etc. does not offer the $1 down at this time. To learn more about our options please visit www.hotelsetc.com/go/

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