Looking to start or expand your current business? Become a DISTRIBUTOR.

Hotels Etc. has the solution for you!

That's right: it doesn't matter if you have experience or if you don't have any experience. We have solutions just for you.

So what is Hotels Etc.?
Hotels Etc. is the contract holder for coupons, discounts, promotional codes, and savings. Since 1996, Hotels Etc. has been negotiating and providing private discounts to our members -- discounts that are not available to the general public. We have direct contracts with all suppliers. It is not uncommon for our members to save as much as 60% off their travel, entertainment and recreational expenses. In some instances, five-star hotel rooms and first-rate golf clubs can be accessed for 80% off the lowest published rate! We have taken all of our contracts and formed a membership club to help consumers save money.

Because of the contracts that we have with our various providers we are unable to sell membership cards to the general public. The only way someone can become a member of our elite travel club is to purchase from a distributor such as you.

* Travel Package discounts
* Hotels discounts
* Spa, theme park, movie ticket discounts

What type of discount is provided?

The over 1 million member-only discounts in our network are broad enough to accommodate everyone's needs and desires.

Help families save money on their next vacation with our negotiated discounts and earn a great living at the same time. Our program is set up as a win–win situation for everyone involved.

How do you market?

That's where you come in. We will teach you how to market your Hotels Etc. membership cards online and offline including such avenues as radio, brochures, television, newspaper, telemarketing, direct mail, stuffers and more. Our success depends on your success, so let us help you fulfill your dreams.

How does distributorship work??

It's quite simple. Hotels Etc. provides several different levels of membership for you to choose from and to be involved with. You purchase our membership cards at wholesale and resell them to the general public or become a high volume wholesaler to businesses. All profits are yours to keep.

It's like a franchisee, without a franchisee fee!

How do I start?

We have several different options and programs to choose from. Simply select an option below to learn more. We have options from distributorship all the way up to owing the Hotels Etc. rights to your own city or even an entire country.

If this interests you, don't delay! Once someone else claims the city, there is nothing we can do.

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Become an authorized reseller of Hotels Etc. and make huge profits helping consumers save money. Sell Business to consumer, business to business or fundraising.


International Exclusives

If you reside outside the U.S and want to own your countries rights then this is the right opportunity for you. Secure your own state, province, region or country!