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When calling a Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton, Best Western or any other franchised hotel and the hotel states they are not aware of Hotels Etc., in many cases this is due to the franchised hotel forwarding their reservation calls to the central reservations number for their franchise. Hotels may transfer their calls when they are busy, low staffed, or when all their lines are busy. Central reservations in most cases will not be aware of the contract Hotels Etc. has with the local hotel you are calling.

If the reservation operator you reach states they are not aware of Hotels Etc., ask the reservation operator if you are speaking with a central reservation office, or the hotel you called. If they inform you that you have reached a central reservation number, request a direct number to the hotel you are trying to reach. Call the hotel direct, this is the only way that you will get a hold of the reservations department that is aware of our local contract with that hotel.

If after you have contacted the hotel and you have confirmed you are talking with the hotel direct and you still have a problem please fill out the form below and we will attempt to satisfy the problem with this hotel.

Also read How To Make Reservations on page one in your Hotels Etc. directory.

(If this problem has to do with a Wyndham Hotel - Call 1-800-Wyndham for reservations at all Wyndham Hotels)

If you have verified that you have reached the hotel direct, and the reservation operator is not familiar with our agreement with their hotel, ask to speak with the person whose name is listed next to the reservation number in your Hotels Etc, directory.

Note: Hotels only accept discount reservations until their discount reservation space is filled. On major holidays or busy seasons for the particular hotel, they may not accept discount reservations. This is acceptable under the terms of the agreement we have with the hotels.

If we can not resolve the situation at the hotel, or if the hotel has withdrawn from the program, which is acceptable under our agreement with the hotel. We will remove this hotel from our list of participating hotels.

Your Hotels Etc. membership does get better each year. In June of 2000 we are adding over 200 NEW hotels and deleting very few.

Most hotels want your business. New hotel owners or new employees may not be familiar with our program. If this happens, we will fax a copy of our agreement with their hotel, to their reservations department.

As stated in our terms and conditions on page one of your Hotels Etc. directory:"Hotels are subject to change without notice".

Hotels Etc

910 Athens Hwy Suite K-214, Loganville, Ga 30052

P.S. If you have submitted our online reservation request form to a hotel and received no response back, call the hotel direct. Our online reservation request is only a RESERVATION REQUEST sent via fax to the hotel when you press submit. It is not a guaranteed reservation.

I hope these instructions help you with your reservations.

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